Welcome to the online home of the Winnetka Historical Society's award-winning exhibit, Serving on All Fronts: Winnetka and World War II.

The original exhibit was on display at the Winnetka Historical Society's museum from November 2010 through March 2012.  The online version attempts to capture the visuals and feeling of the original exhibit by displaying photographs of the exhibit space, photographs of the featured artifacts, period photographs, and the labels used in the exhibit.

Both the original exhibit and the online exhibit are divided into three sections – the European Theater, Pacific Theater, and Home Front.  The exhibit aims to help the public to understand how the war affected people in Winnetka and across the United States, as well as how people from Winnetka participated in the war effort, both at home and overseas. The exhibit features five residents who served their country during the war, interpreting their stories through narrative labels, photographs, artifacts, and display of their uniforms.

Click through to explore how the citizens of Winnetka contributed to the war effort, and how the war changed their everyday lives.

The online exhibit was created by the original exhibit's curator, Katherine Macica, for the Winnetka Historical Society, and as part of a project for Dr. Kyle Roberts' Public History Media graduate course at Loyola University Chicago, April, 2012.